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Polish Association of Chemical Engineers SITPChem

Since 1927

Welcome to the website of the Polish Association of Chemical Engineers SITPChem, an organization with over 90 years of tradition.

The mission of SITPChem is to promote and disseminate engineering knowledge and economic patriotism, with care for the common interests of engineers, technicians and the chemical industry.

The association operates in Warsaw and in 23 local SITPChem Branches throughout Poland. The framework of the Association’s operation is specified in the SITPChem Statutes.

The activity of SITPChem is focused on the professional corporation of chemists, working for and supporting the development of the chemical industry as well as the social and economic importance of engineering and technical staff. The Association’s efforts and initiatives are addressed to the industry and chemists; they serve industry and chemical science, protect the environment and strengthen the good image of chemistry in society.

The SITPChm’s statutory activity is financed from own resources, i.e. from the contributions of individual members, from surplus proceeds from organized scientific and technical events.

The most important initiatives of SITPChem relate to:

  • activities for the professional and social integration of SITPChem members in Poland and world-wide, as well as creating and maintaining links between the technical community and industry, science and other organizations, as well as central and local government administration
  • supporting economic development and entrepreneurship
  • promotion and professional activation of chemists
  • propagating the principles of professional ethics of engineers and technicians and the ethos of these professions
  • conducting trainings and exams in the field of raising professional qualifications,
  • representing, providing comprehensive assistance and defending the interests of SITPChem members;
  • promote the achievements of authors of creative achievements in the field of science, technology and economy;
  • activities for the development of science and innovation and implementation initiatives
  • supporting education and education systems as well as disseminating knowledge and technical culture, including books and scientific and technical publications
  • consolidating the history of the association and the chemical industry as well as the achievements of individual technology creators
  • maintaining tradition and national cultural awareness in relation to the chemical industry and the economy, as well as scientific and publishing activities
  • promoting volunteering in achieving the goals of SITPChem.

Committees operating in SITPChem:

  • Regulations and Statute
  • Awards and distinctions
  • Professional Specializations and Experts
  • Chemical Legislation
  • History of the Chemical Industry

Specialized sections work under the SITPChem:

  • Biotechnology
  • Technical Equipment Supervision
  • Education
  • Chemical Engineering and Equipment
  • Production Engineering
  • Corrosion
  • Fertilizers
  • Environmental protection
  • Coal chemistry
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Plastic processing

SITPChem cooperates with many institutions and organizations, including the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry (PIPC), the Polish Chemical Society (PTChem), the Chemistry Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

SITPChem has its representatives in international chemical organizations: European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE), European Federation of National Scientific and Technical Associations (FEANI), Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries (FATIPEC).

SITPChem is the owner of scientific and technical journals: „CHEMIK science-technology-market”, ” Corrosion Protection” and „Chemical Industry”.

An important and unprecedented achievement of SITPChem is a 20-volume publication titled „Cards from the history of the Polish chemical industry”

SITPChem authorities.

The Main Board is the highest authority of SITPChem in the period between the General Meetings of SITPChem. It consists of a president and 18 – 25 members elected by the SITPChem General Assembly. The Main Board elects from among themselves: vice presidents, treasurer, secretary general and members. Meetings of the Main Board are convened by its Presidium.

President of the Main Board of SITPChem – Jerzy Klimczak

The Presidium of the SITPChem Main Board:

Vice President – Jerzy Kropiwnicki
Vice President – Adam Tarniowy
Vice President – Jerzy Marcinko
Vice President – Józef Kozieł
Vice President – Ryszard Bielas

Economic Director
Lech Bartkowski

General Secretary
Stanisław Oczkowicz

Main Audit Commission
Chairman – Stanisław Gruszka

Main Court of Arbitration
Chairman – Wiesław Bartyzel

SITPChem Zarząd Główny
ul. Tadeusza Czackiego 3/5
00-043 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 826 78 96
e-mail: sekretariat@sitpchem.org.pl


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